Discussion: Fledgling by Octavia Butler

Posted by Makyo on Jun 29, 2013

Howdy, marfs!  This month, we read the book Fledgling by Octavia Butler, a story exploring identity, and the ways in which two cultures, one vampire, one human, interact.

If you have finished the book by the time the discussion starts, feel free to join us in the hangout

!  If you do not want to join on the video call but would still like to join in the discussion, you may do so by mentioning @bookmarfs on twitter, commenting here, or joining the #bookmarfs IRC channel on Anthrochat or Furnet.  Remember, we’ll be talking about the book from start to finish, so it will be hard to avoid spoilers; just something to keep in mind! Hangout tips:

  • If you're not talking, it's a good idea to mute yourself.  You can click on the microphone in the upper left corner, or hit Ctrl+d
  • If someone forgets to mute themselves and you can hear typing, munching, dogs howling, or whatever, you can mute them - if you get muted, remember it's not intended as a slight, we're just staying focused!
  • Hangouts will try to focus on whoever is talking at the time, so try not to talk over others too much!
  • If you are participating in the hangout, please leave this page or mute the video.  The broadcast runs a few seconds behind, and it will echo terribly!