February's Book of the Month

Posted by Lunostophiles on Feb 01, 2014

Marfers, it’s a new month!  By now, you all should know exactly what that means–it’s time for a new book.  We’re going to do something this month a few of you have been asking about, because we believe we found a great book within the fandom that fits with the ethos of our experiment here.

So, without further ado, February’s Book of the Month!

The Seventh Chakra by Kevin Frane, better known as the fandom’s own Rikoshi!

It’s been a thing, not picking furry novels.  We never set out to be a “book club reading furry lit”, if only because we here at Bookmarfs wanted to encourage a broader sense of ‘wanting to read’ with everyone.  But we think Rikoshi’s novels are full of thought-provoking themes and deep characterization.  So who better to be our Inaugural Furry Novel here at Bookmarfs.

Rikoshi has written a few novels for the fandom beyond Seventh Chakra, including its companion novel, Thousand Leaves, and his most recent work, Summerhill.  Mixing furry and sci-fi in a way that is both magical and organic, these novels weave in and out of the mundane and the mystical, the technologic and the tawdry.  It’s all very good, too.  Really, if we write this any more we may just gush endlessly.

Get ready, then, for the world of Arkady Ryswife, the Iolite League, and a parade of double-crossing and mysticism.  We’re going to be searching out the better future of the Iolites, and maybe getting a little more than we bargained for.  Either way, it’s going to be an absolutely fantastic ride.

We’re endlessly excited to give a spotlight to one of our favourite authors in the fandom, and maybe if you all out there haven’t tried Rikoshi’s works on for size, we’ll be an easy way to pick his writing up.  Either way, read!  Read a lot, we love it when you all read.

To purchase The Seventh Chakra, you can try Sofawolf Press or Amazon.  Unless your local library is super ultra cool, you may not find it there.

And as always, happy reading!