June's Book of the Month

Posted by Lunostophiles on Jun 11, 2013

Announcing our first book choice for Bookmarfs!

Fledgling by Octavia Butler.

Octavia Butler was an award-winning and renowned science fiction author, and was one of the best-known African-American writers in the sci-fi genre.  Over the course of her career, she wrote books for three series (PatternistLilith’s Brood, and Parable), along with one other stand-alone novel, Kindred.  All of her books have underlying themes of race, sexuality, identity, and community.

From the back of Fledgling**:

Shori is a mystery.  Found alone in the woods, she appears to be a little black girl with traumatic amnesia and near-fatal wounds.  But Shori is a fifty-three-year-old vampire with a ravenous hunger for blood, the lost child of an ancient species of near-immortals who live in dark symbiosis with humanity.  Genetically modified to be able to walk in daylight, Shori now becomes a target of a vast plot to destroy her and her kind.  And in the final apocalyptic battle, her survival will depend on whether all humans are bigots–or all bigots are human….

Fledgling is not a vampire book for the Twilight crowd.  It is a novel that discusses personal conflict, community vs. the individual, and bigotry in a big way–all without being hamfisted.  We at Bookmarfs chose this as the first novel for two reasons: one, it’s not so well-known as everyone would have read it already; and two, it has weight.  We wanted to start off with something that was both entertaining and exciting, but not without literary and intellectual merit.

I hope you’ll all join us in reading Fledgling.  Even if it’s not your normal genre, give it a spin–what’ve you got to lose?

To purchase Fledgling, you can try Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Audible.  Or you can go to your local library!

Happy reading!