All right, marfers

Posted by Lunostophiles on Mar 25, 2014

Hello all you crazy kids out in Internet Furry Land.  It’s Luno here, and before we continue our regularly-scheduled program, I just want to put in a little personal apology.

Between schedules, issues, and general disarray, we’ve not been as good to you folks wanting to participate as we should have.  This is no one person’s fault, and obviously none of it was done maliciously.  Still, I know I speak for all of the Bookmarfs! crew when I say, we’re sorry for not being as adamant about this in deed as we are in word.  It is something we’re going to be working to greatly improve in the future.

That being said, we are back!  The very next post will be our April book announcement, along with the date of the Marf.  We’re going to try to announce books and discussion dates earlier than “the start of the month” and “the day before” now, as I am sure that was endlessly frustrating for anyone wanting to participate.

So!  Get ready for a whole new Marf, cuz we’re going to come out swinging.

~ Lu