Introducing Wags

Posted by Peri on Oct 04, 2013

Thanksgiving might be over, but there’s still plenty that we’re thankful for here at Bookmarfs. There are tons of things we enjoy and want to discuss with furries that don’t quite fit the format of our monthly hangouts. Sometimes a book is too long to make a good selection for the book club. Or maybe we’ve read too many similar things lately. Or perhaps it’s not a book at all. But we still want to be able to talk to you (and hear from you) about these awesome works, even if we can’t talk about them in the hangouts. And that’s what wags are for.

Wags are short, positive personal essays on works we feel everyone should know about and wag about. These are things — furry or otherwise — that set our tails wagging whenever we get a chance to talk about them. We don’t think you have to like them, but we do think you should hear why we like them and maybe give them a shot. After all, the best wags are ones that spread.

Our goal is to post wags roughly weekly, starting tonight. The first few will be from some of the Bookmarfs organizers, but we’d ultimately like to hear from you. There’s only one restriction we place on wags: they should overwhelm us with their positivity. There are plenty of places on the Internet to snark about things and we spend plenty of time discussing the problematic aspects of works in our hangouts. Wags are for sharing what makes something worth loving. We want to know why we should read your favorite book, or what made that one game haunt your dreams for a week, or just how awesome that dragon was in that one movie.