Welcome to Bookmarfs!

Posted by Lunostophiles on Jun 11, 2013

Are you a reader?

Maybe you want to become one?

Bookmarfs! is a fandom-centric book club whose goal is to provide a fun way to read and discuss literature.  We’re striving for a casual atmosphere, light on pretention, where anyone from BAs in Literature to a first-time reader can feel equally heard and knowledgeable on our book choices.  So sit down a while!

Who we are

Bookmarfs! is the brainchild of Lunostophiles and Makyo, along with heavy and inextricably needed input from Forneus, Tabbie Wolf, and Peri Llwyn.  A late-night Twitter discussion on a book club for the fandom became more than a quick thought, and here we are!

What We Want

This is a group for readers, both veterans and newbies.  Being a “reader” is different from being someone who reads–readers think about the story, the themes, the things you take away from a novel after the last page is read and you’ve set it down, closed.  We want to have a place, this club and the community that surrounds it, where anyone can come, read along with us for a month, and really think about literature.  There’s a lot of great books out there, both fiction and non, and sometimes a guide is best thing you can have

We won’t sit here and say we’re always going to pick books that will interest everyone, but we’ll try our hardest to do so.  We want to talk about books in an intelligent atmosphere without the pretension that can shut newer analytical readers out.  We want this to be fun, basically!

A Club for Everyone

This is not some sort of secret society of “intelligent” people.  We are an open club–we want you to read with us, we want you to pick up the book we announce each month, read through it, experience what we’re all experiencing.  Even if you never participate first-hand, if you only read the book, maybe watch the Google Hangout, but never send in a comment, we’ve done what we came to do.  We encourage you to participate, sure!  But there’s no pressure on doing so.

Think of it like Oprah’s Book Club, but with more tails and less talk show blandness.

The Club Format

So how will it work?

  • One Book a Month: We’ll pick a book and read it!  We chose the time length of a month because we know how hectic some folks’ schedules can be.  If we went any shorter, we’d risk alienating those people who are busier; any longer, and we’d languish.  We’re going to rotate through different genres so no one burns out on topics, either.
  • Book Types: This isn’t a “let’s read furry lit” club, not to say anything bad about fandom-made material!  But we want to offer up books of all stripes and kinds.  While the characters may not be anthros, we hope to pick books that feature thematic similarities to those we face and confront in the fandom as a whole: identity, community, reality vs. fantasy, sexuality, and more.  Our club will feature a three-month rotation of book types:
    • Month 1: Genre fiction
    • Month 2: General fiction
    • Month 3: Non-fiction
  • Google Hangouts: At the end of the reading period, a group that includes both Bookmarfs staff and a rotating panel of fellow furry readers will hold a live Google Hangout to discuss the book.  There will be a dedicated chat room for anyone, not just the Hangout’s limit of ten, to chat and give feedback; we’ll also ask everyone reading to send in emails featuring their thoughts, comments, or questions about the book we’re reading.  Our panel will try its best to be representative of the readers-at-large, while still being a more controlled discussion.

So that’s it!  We’ll do our best to make sure everyone gets heard both while the reading period is going on, and during the Hangout.  It’s all about the community, after all!

This is the Bookmarfs Manifesto!  To expand the literary vocabulary of the fandom in a way that is both fun and worthwhile.  I hope you’ll join us each month to read, discuss, and enjoy literature.

Happy reading!